Unable To Make Calls - Nokia 1280 1208, 1200 1202

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Unable To Make Calls - Nokia 1280 1208, 1200 1202

Hardware/Software: Nokia 1200, 1202, 1208, 1280

Issue: Unable to make calls

SIM: All SIM cards

Step Workflow:

Solution 1: Place a test call

Place a test call from the mobile phone: (Please note 1200, 1202 and 1280 phones will not work In USA)

If you are dialling to a North American line, use the following format: +1 (area code) (phone number) Example: + 1 416 598 7540

Solution 2: Check the current registered network and change to another network

1. Press the "Menu" key

2. Scroll to "Settings" and press the “Select” key

3. Scroll to "Phone Settings" and press the “Select” key

4. Scroll to "Network Selection" and press the “Select” key

5. Scroll to "Manual" and press the “Select” key

6. The phone will scan for available networks in the area and return a list of results

7. Scroll to desired network and press the “Select” key you will be redirected to the home screen and the new network name will appear on the display

8. Place a test incoming and outgoing call to the phone.

Solution 3 Power Cycle the phone /Remove the battery & SIM

1. Remove the battery door by pushing the release button on the back of the phone and sliding the cover down

2. Remove the battery

3. Reinsert the battery and press it firmly into place

4. Reinsert the battery door and slide it firmly to lock it into place

Solution 4: Check Active line setting

1. Check and see if the there is a small number 2 located on the top center of the display

2. Press and hold the “#” key for 30-45 seconds and the active line setting will change back to Line 1

3. Place a test outgoing call format: +1 (area code) (phone number) Example: + 1 416 598 7540

Solution 5: Confirm the number dialled is active (need to have access to BRMS or customer can log in to his/her account)

1. Go to www.brightroam.com

2. Click on the “Log in” link

3. Enter username and password

4. Click on the “Services” tab and click on your SIM card

5. Look at the expiry date field to make sure the SIM is still valid

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