Unable to Detect a Wireless Network - Blackberry 8700

Hardware: Blackberry 8700

Issue: Unable to detect a wireless network or SOS error

Solution Workflow

customer will need to perform a 'Register Now', and then go into setup the device for email. To register now on this device, they will need to go to:

Options, Advanced Options, Host Routing Table, push the Blackberry key and select Register now.

The customer will then need to go into 'Setup Wizard' on the device or alternatively go to www.o2email.co.uk and set up the device and email address from there.

The customer should be getting either GPRS or EDGE in capital letters in the top right corner, if the customer gets lowercase gprs or edge they will not get service. They may need to take the battery out and back in again to perform a restart, this can often get services working again.

Solution 1: Change the network selection mode from “Manual” to “Automatic



1. Retrieve the current network name by locating it on the display.

2. Scroll to "Options" and click in using track wheel

3. Scroll to "Network" and click in using track wheel

4. Scroll to "Scan Mode" and make sure it is set to “Automatic."

5. Exit to the home screen and wait for the phone to register to a local network.

Solution 2: Remove and reinsert the SIM card

1. Remove the battery door by pushing the release button and sliding the cover down.

2. Remove the battery.

3. Remove the SIM card by sliding and lifting the plastic clip to the side to release the SIM card.

4. Take out the SIM card, gently clean the gold leads gently and reinsert the SIM card and slide the plastic clip to lock it into place.

5. Reinsert the battery and press it firmly into place.

6. Reinsert the battery door and slide it firmly to lock it into place.

7. Power on the phone and see if you can register with the network now.


Posted April-29-10 by djones