Configure Data Settings - Nokia 2690

You'll need to complete all steps for these settings to work. Make sure that if you have to enter O2 in the settings, use the letter O and not a zero.

The phone has a four-way directional Navi key and two soft keys on either side of this. The Navi key can also be pressed in to select options.

Step 1: configure the date and time

1. Press "Menu" key

2. Scroll to "Setting" and press the "Select" key

3. Scroll to "Date and time" and press the "Select" key

4. Highlight Date and time settings, and press select

5. Highlight Date, and press options

6. Select day should be highlighted, press select

7. Select today’s date by scrolling through the calendar

8. Highlight Time and press options

9. Enter Hour

10. Select save

11. Press the red hang up key to return to the main menu (phone will auto adjust the minutes to local time)

Configure Data Settings

1) Click on Menu

2) Scroll to Settings and press select

3) Scroll to Configuration and press select

4) Scroll to Personal Configuration settings

5) Click on add new

6) Select web

7) Type Account name (o2 wap gprs)

8) Leave Blank User Name

9) Leave Blank Password

10) Click on Use preferred access point

11) Click on No

12) Click on Access point settings

13) Click on Proxy

14) Choose Enable

15) Leave Blank Proxy address

16) Leave Blank Proxy port

17) Click on Data Bearer

18) Choose Packet data

19) Click on Bearer settings

20) Click on Packet data access point clear field and enter ( and press ok

21) Click on Network type

22) Choose IPv4

23) Click on Authentication type

24) Choose Normal

25) Leave Blank User name

26) Leave Blank password

After Configuration your personal settings click back 4 times

27) Click on Default configuration settings

28) Click on Personal configuration

29) Click on Items received: *Web

30) Click on Activate default in all applications

31) Click on Yes







Posted July-05-11 by gsabanis